Lancaster Castle, England. — Leighton Travels!

Lancaster Castle. It was a fine sunny day in the English city of Lancaster as Uncle D and I made our leisurely way up Castle Hill. It felt a bit strange (in a good way) to be out and about exploring with D. After all, we hadn’t seen each other in over a decade, a […]

Lancaster Castle, England. — Leighton Travels!

The Cycling Poet — Hobbo’s Poems

William, a poet, was cycling
When his chain broke, and forced him to stop
So he popped over ‘road into Wainwright’s
Who ran a small bicycle shop.

Embarrassed because he’d no money,
He said,”Alf, can you fix me chain right,
And I promise to pay you back later,
Which I’m hoping you’ll say is alright
He’d […]

The cycling poet — Hobbo’s Poems

Cycling enthusiasts at a rally in London — Tokens of Companionship

No bicycles appear in this photograph, but the sign at upper right tells us that the occasion for this gathering was a cycling club rally of some kind.  Unfortunately, no one in the group is identified, and some of the names of the clubs are cut off at the edge of the photo.   The […]

Cycling enthusiasts at a rally in London — Tokens of Companionship